Organic color systems

Only with Us!

We provide clients with safer, healthier products that perform to the highest professional standards.
This gives the client a safer, healthier and more pleasant experience that results in healthier, more
lustrous hair and longer lasting color! Guaranteed.

Safe & Natural Ingredients

  • Certified Organic Chamomile & Comfrey
  • Certified Organic Grapefruit & Orange
  • Vitamins C&E
  • hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

The Best thing about our Organic Color is what we leave out!

  • No Ammonia
  • No Damage
  • No Hot Roots
  • No Hazardous Fumes
  • No Itching
  • No Burning

Organic Highlights

Your hair will look like it was kissed by the sun with organic highlights. Create beautiful, naturally blonde strands in your hair with the help of eco-friendly highlighting. Typically salons use large quantities of aluminum foil when doing highlights on clients. But using of organic highlighting leaves your hair soft and silky with a deep, lasting shine and a great new look! Always take care of your scalp and hair. Extremely toxic dyes can damage your skin ad hair strands, while dying. Unlike them, organic highlights cause minimum harm to your skin and hair follicles. Stick to natural way of highlighting and your hair will be grateful.

Organic color

Organic color system has multiple effects for naturally healthier hair and longer-lasting color. It works great on your hair because it is all natural and non-damaging. Most other hair care products use chemicals that strip hair of color and health as they style, perm and straighten. Organic color treats hair very gently, without toxic ingredients that are literally killing your hair. XXI century it is time for new techniques in hair industry. Toxic and harmful dyeing is no longer in trend. Now it is high time for modern women to use all natural products.

Organic perm

Today, using of ammonia free perm products have become much easier. It is kind of evolutional system that reduces the use of hazardous chemicals to your hair. Cysteamine HCL is a main ingredient for organic perming that has the same natural characteristics as the hair's own keratin – special hair protein. All in general it helps to improve hair structure with lee damage. In fact, it is a real key to soft curls, without everyday styling and tons of styling products. You will get natural looking curls in constant marvelous condition and full of volume. Organic system delivers nutrition straight to your hair, without any obstacles.

Organic keratin treatment

Organic keratin treatment becomes very popular in last few years among women. Basically it is the best option for defrizzing and smoothing textured hair of any type: from curly to relaxed. If you once had keratin hair treatment you will definitely go for it once more time. Absence of smell is one of the main advantages of using natural products. If you want to get shine hair for moths organic keratin treatment is for you. During application, the keratin treatment penetrates into the hair's cuticle. Hydrolyzed keratin strengthens keratin bonds from within, helps repair damage, and smoothes the hair shaft.

Organic Hair mask

All-natural and organic hair masks nourish the scalp and hair roots. The main rule for healthy, strong and full of vitality hair is good nutrition and hydration. Feed your scalp with powerful proteins and vitamins with organic hair masks provided by Mother Nature to achieve bouncy, lustrous hair. These masks have great effects on your hair: they condition, restructure and restore hair structure, repair split ends and add radiant shine, moisturize and sooth the scalp and softens texture, without adding extra weight to your hair. Your hair will never look oily or greasy with organic masks.