Cut And Style

Regular hair cutting is a must for every woman, which wants to have a healthy, strong and good looking hair. Here, at Prestige Hair Salon you can wash, cut and style your locks in the shortest possible period of time and at reasonable prices. Take it as a habit to visit our salon and enjoy your gorgeous locks every single day.


Hair coloring is one of the most popular trends of last the last year. Girls all over the world change their hair tints and enjoy the transformation. Modern technologies that we use at Prestige Hair Salon, offer you to get even the brightest hair color causing minimum harm to your strands.


No matter whether your hair is damaged after cold winter weather, burning summer sun or simple styling tools, we can rescue it from cutting off. Deep conditioning treatments are the Holy Grail for every girl with weak and dry locks. Boost your hair with enormous dose of moisture and nourishing elements to see the result!

Blow Dry Styling

If you need to look perfect for some special occasion, a stylish blow dry is a wonderful opportunity to underline your natural beauty, embrace new look and without radical changes. Our specialists will was and style your locks, performing your every wish and desire.

And Lowlights

Do you want to look ten years younger than you are? Or simply refresh your, a little bit boring, natural hair color? Go for highlight or lowlights! It is a unique coloring technique that allows to create an effect f sunkissed strands in your hair. It will not touch your roots, so you should be worried about constant touch-ups, but it is capable of changing you image.